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Our drywall repair services can offer a quick and easy way to change the aesthetics of a room. It can be used to divide the interior of a bedroom or any other place in the house in order to create separate spaces. It's also great for giving a finished look to the garage or basement and has several other uses as well.

It can even be used in the bathroom as long as its installed away from areas where water will be used. Drywall can be protected from water damage through the use of floating mortar over it with a waterproof membrane. We will make the process as simple as possible, freeing up time for our customers to do other important things in their everyday lives.

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Our Drywall Repair Process

It all starts with a simple phone call. We will send a member of our drywall expert professionals out to assess any damage or for any installations. How we proceed will depend on the nature of the damage or work area. After the assessment, we’ll thoroughly discuss options with you before we start.

Large Holes

large holeinnceiling drywall Pueblo, CO

A significant hole requires an extensive renovation. We mask off the area surrounding it with tape to protect it. Then, we cut out a square from the area that is slightly smaller than the hole we made. Now we are ready to attach it. The next part is a little tricky. We screw two small, lightweight blocks of wood into place on either side of the hole inside the wall. Our team positions the blocks so that a section of them is visible from the outside. We then screw the replacement piece into position.A compound is applied to cover the repair and sanded and smoothed. After we repaint the area, you won't notice the joint.

Torn Drywall

torn drywall repair

Tears are not serious defects and relatively easy to repair. We will start by removing the loose paper on top carefully. Then we prime the surface and use joint compound to complete the repair. We mix the compound to the consistency of mud in the mud pan, applying it as smoothly as possible, but there’s bound to be some texture. To smooth it out, we use a joint sanding technique. The joint then looks as good as new


small hole in drywall

Small holes, cracks, or dents are a quick fix. We clean the area, apply spackle over the imperfections, and allow it to dry. We’ll then sand the area until it’s smooth or apply a what ever type texture that you our customer's prefer.


ceiling drywall with water damage

If the drywall is severely water damaged and warped, it’s better to replace it. If the damage is minor, and you can dry the piece out. It might be salvageable. while being careful, check thoroughly for signs of mold forming. If you happen to find mold. It is imperative that the moldy piece gets thrown away and replaced.

Drywall Installation

drywall installation Pueblo, CO

If you want a whole new section installed, we can assist with that process, too. Our drywall installers will first put up a frame to ensure there’s adequate support for the wall. Then, we measure out the piece and score it at the right length. We secure the board to the frame with nails, prime it, and apply the joint compound. When that has dried, we will sand it smooth. Then, we paint it as usual.


​We have a team that specializes in the repair and installation of drywall. If you are looking for high quality work that can be provided by professionals that you can rely on Then contact us today for your free quote. We are not finished with the job you are completely satisfied. Guaranteed!

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