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Over time, the electrical wiring in our homes will age. It might be due to normal wear and tear or pests nibbling on wires in the wall. There are many number of reasons that your wiring may need to be repaired or replaced.


It is best to to have some one who is qualified to inspect what may be going on with your wiring. If it is put off, It can be very hazardous to any one inside the establishment. When it comes to electrical issues, Electrical wiring Pueblo always recommends to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Waiting can be too much of a dangerous game to play.

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Electrical Wiring Hazards

From our perspective, you would need to replace any electrical wiring that is not working properly as soon as possible. Some cases are more urgent than others.
Here are some examples:

Burning Smell

The odor could be from wires that burn out or outlets that are overloaded. In either case, see it as a hazard. Any type of electrical fire can be dangerous and have the tendency to spread quickly.

To reduce the dangers of a fire spreading, ensure that you have a fire extinguisher specifically for an electric fire. Put out the blaze. Then switch the electricity off at the electrical box or circuit breaker and give us a call. Cutting power helps to prevent any further opportunities for the fire to spread.


If you plug in an appliance and it creates a spark, or you receive a shock, switch off the power immediately. This may be an indication that a ground was not properly installed or the outlet can be short circuiting which can lead to an electrical fire. If the shock is big enough to scorch the plastic outlet and leave a burn mark on the paint that has been applied to your wall. Then it's time to contact a professional.

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Electrical Wiring Hazards

Sometimes the system gives you signs that trouble is on the horizon. If the lights in a room suddenly stop working, it could be an old, worn wire or a short circuit. Call us in as soon as possible. It's may be a sign that your electrical system is become worn out and is no longer working efficiently. This not only can put your safety at risk but can increase your electricity bill over time.

May Not Be Your Appliance's Fault

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If someone switches on an appliance and the power trips, unplug the machine quickly and flick the power back on. Then, plug in the device again. If the power trips a second time, it may be due to the appliance trying to draw too much power. The circuit may not be able to handle the appliance's wattage which in turn trips the circuit. If there is anything else that may be plugged in along the same wall. Try unplugging those items and then plugging in the appliance that keeps tripping the breaker. If you are able to turn it on and the it does not trip anything. Then it may mean that the outlet you are using for the appliance may not be setup as a dedicated circuit and is sharing power to other devices that are plugged in along the same wall or even in the same room.

What Our Electrical Wiring Services Can Do For You

We offer a simple and proactive service. We’ll come out and inspect your home’s electrical system thoroughly. You don’t have to wait until something is not working. We advise you to call us out annually. Why? If you know that your home is older then the electrical wiring will be old as well. We will double and triple check that every thing is in good working order.


Our professionals will come in and ensure that all the wiring and switches are up to code. We can replace sections that have become worn and are not working as efficiently . We will also remove any unnecessary wiring and rewire sections that are starting to fray. If you’d like additional light fittings or other new hardware installed, we'll ensure this is done correctly. We can also add new sections of wiring, or upgrade any others that need it.


If any areas of the system are not working, we’ll implement our diagnostic procedure to locate the cause.
Our goals with this service are simple. Our goals:

  • every hazard grounded
  • newer installations safely and adequately connected
  • a more efficient wiring system so that you save on your utility bills and pay lower rates for power.

Call electrical wiring Pueblo today and we will work towards a solution to keep your home safe and energy efficient.

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