Exterior Painting Pueblo, CO

exterior painting Pueblo, CO

Sprucing up the outside of your home improves the curb appeal instantly. It's also a great way to increase the value and upgrade the look. Most people think that exterior painting means just painting walls, but there's a lot more to consider as well.

It can be pretty distracting if the exterior walls have been painted but the color of your deck is displaying extreme signs of fading. We are not saying that you must do everything at once but is some thing you should consider. Having your entire home exterior taken care of will cohesively tie everything thing together. Giving your home a clean and polished look.

Let us take a trip out to you and talk you through our process. We’ll give you expert advice on how to get the most out of your exterior painting Pueblo experience.

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professional painter using roller to paint high spots on exterior of home Pueblo, CO

We start by checking the conditions we would be addressing. Do you have vinyl or wood siding, or is it a composite? We must know the details so that we can prepare the surface properly. Getting the preparation right will help us provide you with durable, long-lasting finishes. We’ll also spend time helping you decide on the color and finish of the exterior of your home.


​We will go through the process of asking specific questions that will help guide us in completing the job. Here are some examples of some of the questions we would be asking:

  • What color would you want the trim to be painted?
  • Do you want your garage painted? If so, what color and what type of finish?
  • Do you want the finish of your gutters to be a matte or glossy finish?
  • What specific areas would you want us to waterproof?

We’re here to brighten your life with a solution that holds up well against the elements. Please bear with us while we discuss your options thoroughly before you make the decision. Once we’ve got the basics covered, we will then be ready to move forward and set up an appointment. We will be at your place bright and early on the specified date and time. Our professional crew of painters and installers will be well-prepared.

newly painted gutter
painter using paint spray gun to paint railings
proffesional painter painting fascia under gutter

We start by moving any furniture, pots, and other items out of the way. We’ll mask off any areas that we don’t want to spill paint on accidentally. If we’re painting the banister or window trim in a contrasting color, for example, we’ll mask that off as well. Once we’re sure there’s ample protection in place, our professionals move on to the preparation stage. We’ll start by cleaning off the dirt and debris. If necessary, we’ll use filler to smooth out any cracks and holes in the surfaces.

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We then give the moisture a chance to evaporate and apply the correct acrylic primer. It is a critical step to ensure the paint adheres properly. If we're painting directly on to masonry, the primer acts as a sealer, which combats the porous nature of the bricks.

Once the primer has dried, we apply the paint that you chose. Our team has perfected the art of working smoothly and quickly. We’ll finish off by painting the features and adding that final pop of contrasting color. If you want a finish that is resistant to wear, highly durable, and extremely attractive, give us a call. Exterior painting service Pueblo is ready to assist with all your home painting projects.

Should you need any assistance on the exterior of your home. Contact us about our exterior painting services and we will give you our expert advice as to what would be best for the exterior of your home. You can count on us.

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