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Our floor installation services take care of the one thing that we constantly step all over. Lets face it, aside from keeping the floors clean; we don't do much more for them. It's surprising, considering these are the busiest areas of our homes that receive the most foot traffic.


Are your floors showing signs of unevenness or bumps? Are there areas that sag or are lifting? Or areas that are cracked or wearing through? These are all signs that your floors may need to be replaced with newer and stronger materials.


Perhaps, your vinyl tiling looks newer than it is, but it seems like a dated look. Maybe, you want to try a more modern aesthetic. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided on a renovation or an upgrade. You should call in our Pueblo floor installation experts. You will be making a smart investment in your home. Invest in a professional remodel, and you’ll increase the value of your home even further. We will help guide you and give you our expert advice in order to make the whole process less flow smoothly.

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Our Floor Installation Process

Handman Pueblo floor installation process

Do you like the clean look of tiling? How do you feel about the warmth of a wooden floor? If natural wood is a little out of your price range, how about a wood-like composite being a viable option? Are you interested in custom designs on your floors?

We will are very thorough when asking our customers what they really want done. This helps us narrow down the details making sure that we have covered every aspect in the consultation process. We want to make sure that we capture the customer's vision exactly how they want their new floor to look. Once our customers have decided on what they want, we can go ahead and set up an appointment to do begin the floor install.

Praparation and Installation

On that day, we’ll come in and remove all the furniture. We’ll work room by room so that you don’t have to empty your home. How we proceed next will depend on the flooring. If it’s carpeting or tiling, we will remove it all. We try to remove as much of the remaining adhesive as possible.

Floor instillation Pueblo will clean up dust and debris so that we can work on a clean surface. We spend time on the preparation because it allows us to be more precise when we lay down the new flooring. From there, we will put in the new carpets, tiles, or laminate flooring you’ve selected.

Wooden floors are slightly different. Though they do install with a tongue and groove system, they also need to be nail down to the sub-floor. This ensures that there is no movement between the the planks. Other materials such as composite also use a tongue groove system but do not need to be nailed to the sub-floor.

Preparation is the most important part of the floor installation process. We will make sure that we remove every bit of the existing flooring creating a blank canvas to work on. Once we everything has been removed and cleaned up, We will then begin with the installation.

variety of wooden floor planks
handyman setting floor tile

Clean up

completed floor tile installation

We start by moving any furniture, pots, and other items out of the way. We’ll mask off any areas that we don’t want to spill paint on accidentally. If we’re painting the banister or window trim in a contrasting color, for example, we’ll mask that off as well. Once we’re sure there’s ample protection in place, our professionals move on to the preparation stage. We’ll start by cleaning off the dirt and debris. If necessary, we’ll use filler to smooth out any cracks and holes in the surfaces.

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